Core Business - Project Shipment


Project Shipment

  • Heavy Bulk Handling
  • Out – of - Guage Cargo ( OOG ) and over-Dimensional Cargoes Handling
  • On Site Supervision
  • Service Agreements with the world’s major shippers / airlines or ocean carriers

As specialists in shipping oversize and heavy equipment, we offer extensive expertise in Project Shipment/Cargo shipping. This project is unique in almost every instance so a well planned detailed solution is needed with our services.


  • Dedicated and experienced team.
  • Strong and reliable packing/crating work
  • Experienced in managing project shipments which include the setup of a manufacturing facility, plant expansion, over-sized equipment, boilers, steam turbine and hydro electric equipment
  • We cater for customs clearance, transportation and storage of equipment
  • We coordinate closely the transportation responsibility with our highly experienced international partners, to move project shipments through various ISO containers as required