Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

We provide full supply chain management package including cost effective and fast sea freight. You can also combine this package with other means of transportation.

Customized Your Own Supply Chain Business – We, Shine


Order Management

Shine Shipping Limited aids the efficient communication of sourcing between suppliers, sourcing agents and logistics departments. Whether you are an importer, an exporter, or both, Shine Order Management is designed to support the communication and subsequent flow of product from opening of an order to shipment. highlighting and resolving exceptions in the process to meet timelines and budgets. It is the management of those details that allow for continuous improvements in your supply chain.


From order creation, production statuses and compliance on through export

A simple process like Purchase Orders (PO) management becomes complicated when you are sourcing from several vendors across the globe. Our PO management services, global network and sophisticated technology can ease the process, controlling the distribution of PO and all associated communications between you and your suppliers.


Order Transmission Streamline

Shine provides critical origin services such as cargo and supplier management, exception reporting, flexible transportation options and document handling. Based on our above services provided, Shine should customize your own PO management process for you to distribute PO information to your suppliers. In turn, they acknowledge, accept, decline and amend the orders. Once accepted, your supplier can distribute the order information to supplemental factories, helping them to balance capacity with demand. PO / Vendor Management offers a range of highly effective, streamlining services that includes:

  • Monitoring and ensuring that vendors cross-reference orders against PO quantity and cargo ready date
  • Ensuring vendor compliance within agreed parameters, including providing proper training
  • Managing documentation. We offer fast, efficient and thorough documentation collection, verification and uploading from vendors to prevent delays
  • Implementing of vendor performance KPIs, including measurement of delivery within agreed shipment windows from ex-factory date, vendor booking, cargo delivery and document submission date
  • Distributing PO’s. We run the PO distribution directly to factory or agent

In additional to our persistent focus on what’s export that they are met, we provide key milestone management to track your order status. The ability to monitor from the time an order is created and then report against order and product level detail enables you to effectively manage, improve and reduce costs in your global supply chain, and, in turn, provide exceptional customer service to your customers.

Vendor Management

Measuring service provider performance, load optimization and product specific issues is vital for achieving continuous improvements in your supply chain. This is only possible if the data is available timely, accurately, and all in one place.

Our Vendor Management services ensure all your production and shipment process is completed on timely manner and well quality standards

The first and foremost vendor quality control embarks on origin portion which includes shipment monitoring, education and performance measurements.

How to Measure your vendors’ performance

We monitor compliance with your critical data and events, like documentation, booking and exceptions. We also measure performance of:

  • Ship window compliance
  • Timely submission of documents
  • Container utilization
  • Accuracy of shipment advices and container manifests
  • Shipment quantity and quality

Our Vendor Management services enables you and your vendors to maintain / improve higher quality supply chain standards.



Educating your vendors

We educate your vendors on your logistics procedures to ensure products are precisely packaged, loaded and delivered. Programs are customized to your unique requirements:

Define and communicate your requirements in local language, establishing vendors’ roles and responsibilities. Ensure compliance with processes and procedures Promote a spirit of teamwork that drives continuous improvement throughout the entire supply chain process.

Monitoring production and compliance standard

We also monitor production and compliance statuses against pre-defined trip plans.

At the end of the day, our whole process ensures that you have the right quantity of the right product, in the right place at the right time while incurring the least amount of overall cost. Let Shine Shipping Limited be your single process owner and you can be assured of visibility, accuracy and tight control.